Welcome to buddhistview.org

The purpose of this project is to support everyone interested in learning about the profound teachings and practices of Buddhism. We achieve this by organizing travel tours to experience power places in Nepal and Bhutan where the dharma is still alive, and by hosting and organizing access to online learning platforms.

The site is organized into four main sections:

Travel Agency

Our travel agency organizes tours and treks to the sacred Buddhist sites and valleys of Nepal and Bhutan. Our tour experiences are crafted to resonate with seekers of varying backgrounds, physical capabilities, and motivation for traveling.

Online learning

Our online learning platform serves as a gateway to the dharma in the digital age. Through carefully selected links to reputable sources providing free or affordable content, we invite you to explore the depths of Buddhist philosophy and inquiry. This section is organized according to the model of the Five Major Buddhist Fields of Knowledge or Buddhist Sciences.


Engage with our blog, where we endeavor to preserve the timeless wisdom of Buddhism while keeping it relevant to modern ideas and technologies, converging it with contemporary life. Here, we share insights, reflections, and practical guidance, illuminating how Buddhist principles can be applied to modern life in order to bring our daily experiences onto the path. Additionally, we will blog about upcoming Dharma events and other learning opportunities.

Online Shop

Explore our online shop, where we offer some carefully selected items sourced directly from the craftsmen or artists who made them. In addition, since we are based in Boudha, Kathmandu, which is home to a thriving community of Buddhist craft workers, we can also take orders and ship on demand for any implement necessary for practice.
Whether you're curious about the dharma, an ardent pilgrim, a seeker of genuine wisdom, or someone looking for tools to deepen your practice, our platform endeavors to be your all-encompassing resource. Join us and explore our resources or contact us if you have any inquiries.