Hyolmo Tour and Trek

For Hyolmo, we recommend a 5-day tour:

Day 1: Kathmandu to Hyolmo, stay at Chiri Village and visit to Shakya Zangpo’s Monastery (Hyolmo’s oldest monastery) and retreat cave.

Day 2: Rangjung Choten, Dungkar Rangjung and Neding (all day hike)

Day 3: Ama Yangri (all-day hike) 

Day 4: Melamchi Gyang (Guru Rinpche’s Nyida Rangjung Cave, Guru’s throne, Guru’s headprint, Dakini cave) (stay in Melamnchi Gyang for the night) 

Day 5: Milarepa Cave (car from Melamchi and brief stop before heading back to Kathmandu) 

Price: 480 USD for one person. Includes all expenses in Hyolmo and private transportation. Additional 110 USD per person for up to 5 people.

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Hyolmo is a valley located around 5 hours north of Kathmandu by jeep. This valley is considered a beyul (hidden land prophesized by Guru Rinpoche as a prime location for practice during our times). It is surrounded by mountains that preserve pristine forests and the purest water water. There are numerous power places here, making it an ideal location for meditation retreats. Some of the major pilgrimage sites include:

The Cave of the Sun and Moon is located in the village of Melamchi Gyang. According to tradition, Guru Rinpoche meditated and performed one hundred thousand prostrations in this cave. The cave is called Sun and Moon because of a self-arisen sun and moon on the ceiling of the cave. In this same village, there is a place associated with dakini Shakya Devi, the Guru’s Nepalese tantric consort. 

Across the Valley, above the village of Tarkye Gyang is Chatral Rinpoche’s main retreat center called Neding. 

Up the valley from the villages, about 6 to 8 hours by foot, there are two caves; Yangdak Chokyi Draphuk and Khandro Phuk associated with Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal respectively. 

Just a few minutes’ walk below Tarkye Gyang is Chiri Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Yolmo founded by Ngakchang Shakya Zangpo. Nearby is also Shakya Zangpo’s meditation cave. Shakya Zangpo, also known as Yolmo Terton, is the individual who built the Boudha Stupa into a resemblance of what we see today. He was guided by visions to come and restore the stupa while in Tibet. After performing this deed he settled in Yolmo. He belonged to the lineage of Jangter (The Northern Treasures). He was the teacher of great Lamas such as Ngari Panchen Pema Wangyal and Lekden Dudjom Dorje. 

A couple of hours’ walk down the valley one can also find Milarepa Cave. Following the command of his guru Marpa, Milarepa spent some time practicing in the Hyolmo Valley at this particular location. There is also an amazing self-arisen statue of Milarepa inside the cave.