Astrological Reading

We collaborate directly with an experienced Nepalese astrologer who received a traditional Brahmin education, mastering family rituals, grammar, astrology, and other traditional sciences. He has also spent thirteen years of dedicated practice in Kriya yoga within the Lahadi Mahasaya lineage. The last three of these years were spent meditating an average of sixteen hours daily. Following this retreat, he transitioned to primarily assisting individuals through astrology, building upon his innate talent developed since his youth. Enhanced by Kriya practices, he adeptly interprets charts to provide insights into personalities, past life karma, major life challenges, and various life aspects. People have reported positive effects from his prescribed remedies. Over the years, he has analyzed charts for thousands, offering solutions to their everyday challenges, all while instilling faith in the infallible law of karma. Since 2015, he has been an active practitioner of Buddhism, particularly the Nyingma and Sakya traditions.

The fee for a 1-hour and 15-minute consultation is 150 USD. (We also offer this service via online via Zoom)

To schedule a consultation, please contact us via WhatsApp or email:

+977 9820235569