Online Learning

We have carefully selected online courses from trustworthy sources. When choosing these courses, we endeavor to promote a Rimé (non-sectarian) approach. Not only from among all the schools of Tibetan Buddhism but also incorporating other extant Mahayana schools as well as Theravada lineages, which we regard as the authentic teachings given by the historical Buddha Shakyamuni. This section is organized following the structure of the Five Buddhist Sciences.

Why Five Sciences?

Some of these categories appear to predate Buddhism and go back to Vedic times in India. The reason Buddhist thinkers embraced these seemingly unrelated subjects as an aid to spiritual practice is given in a scriptural passage from the Sutra of Great Skillful Means Repaying [the Buddha] with Gratitude, which says: 

Bodhisattvas continue to investigate thoroughly the teachings of the Buddha because they are obliged to master all doctrines because they impart those doctrines authentically to others. Bodhisattvas continue to investigate the science of logic because they have to understand the eloquence found in the treatises, because they are obliged to refute the critiques of others, because they have to convince those lacking faith in the teachings, and because they have to reinvigorate those who already have faith. Bodhisattvas continue to investigate the science of grammar because, while constructing refined syntax with words and syllables and an elegant use of etymological definitions, they inspire confidence in those wishing them to speak, and because they have to employ terminology in conformity with diverse etymological nuances. Bodhisattvas continue to investigate the science of medicine because they are obliged to alleviate the various ailments that afflict sentient beings, and because they can benefit the great mass of living creatures. 

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